Doritos Campaign
  • Mucho Macho

    for Doritos
  • The target market:
    Doritos main consumers are young 18-24 years of age adults who live 24-7 lifestyle. They are not afraid to try new, exiting things that can offer a bit of a challenge. Doritos’ lovers also enjoy spice, flavors food, therefore they would be brave enough to pick unknown name from a Mexican restaurant menu. They are colourful, funky young who want to contrast from the masses.

    My campaign is simply saying that if you eat Doritos then you will become macho. You will be brave than ever and attractive too. Even the big strong guys will admire and have respect for you. My campaign is encouraging people to wake up and seek for some fun, something that is new and maybe a bit crazy.I want to show that even the nerdiest people can be exiting and fun. By eating Doritos they will show that even they have some fire in their lives. They are not boring but just the opposite. They have a little macho in their hearths.
Eat Doritos and become Macho
Art Direction, Copywriting, Advertising