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Car accident and insurance

Call around to other auto body shops and see what they can do.
When my car was in an accident, the insurance company wanted the shop to repair it with used parts. However, I called a couple of dealerships who have various dealerships in their stable (Dodge, Toyota, GM) and they did the repairs for the same cost using NEW parts for my car, since they had easy access to them through their own network.
My car got repaired beautifully for the price the insurance company was willing to pay, but with NEW parts.
I don’t know about the other issues you raised.

Glad your daughter is fine.

If you want new parts that will probably cause the car to be totaled out. If so, they will give you a check for what they figure the value is less any loan balance and/or insurance deductible (if her insurance handles then seeks reimbursement from other insurance co.)

If you want to keep the car, you will have to buy it back from the insurance co and can than only carry liability insurance in the future. I’d say take the used doors, odds are once they are painted to match, you will not notice the difference. VIN numbers will not match regardless new or used parts. Good luck!

Been there and done that. If you keep the car, they will deduct the “salvage value” which could actually be a hefty sum. Ask them what they calculate that value to be.

Under other circumstances, I would say to check with your state laws. I learned something interesting from Clark Howard. In most states, their insurance must pay for a rental of equal size, their insurance must use new car parts if you so demand. This is true, even if their insurance company is the same as yours. It is different if your insurance policy is paying for your repairs.

You can however, challenge their amounts and threaten to sue them in small claims court if you believe they are under paying. Get the NADA, Kelly Blue Book, and the estimate for the car at retail and at private sale prices and compute an average. I am not an advocate of insurance fraud but I am also not one to let the insurance company walk all over me. I once bought a car for 1,000 and it was totalled a month later, the insurance company gave me 2,500 for the car and 750 for medical to get me to go away. Another time I had to get cash advance loan from to repair car myself and only after that I started waiting for insurance payment.