Dave’s Podcasts… And goals

I notice he had NO plans to come out to CA for an ‘event’. What is it that we’re the ‘red haired boy’ of speakers like this? They never seem to come out here.

I guess I can watch online and hear the podcasts, none of my local radio carries him either. I can’t get San Diego KFMB or the other one from northern CA.

I went to Bankrate.com and if I strain hard, I can be out of debt in 1 1/2 years. More realistically would be 2 1/2-3 years. Hearing some of the callers makes me feel almost LUCKY to be where I am at. I earn maybe 6-10 times LESS than they do, and can still pay my bills much more easily and so far, do not have people coming ‘at’ me for high debts anymore. I’ll be free of it sooner than some anyhow.

One thing I did is remove all deductions other than single from my W2. I only earned $15,110 this last year (Not counting SSI ). I still owed $204 to the fed and $9 to the state this year. Hopefully removing those deductions will mean owing nothing or even a refund next year.